​                          This is Mindy silver blue toy
                      She weighs 4.5 pounds tiny.​​​​​​

                                                                       THIS ARE

​​T​​​​his is Ebony a Poodle

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​This is Claira is a  registered
Yorkshire.​                                                 This is Phobe full Maltese 
She weighs at 5 lbs                                   She weighs 4.5 pounds tiny.​​​​​​

                                                          THESE ARE
                                                         PURE BREEDS

 She is 
about 12 lbs .​
This is Mindy Maltese. 
Okay , a lot of request for pictures of my moms and dads.  They thing is I'm in the process of grooming ( complete shave for the hot weather coming)  so I will wait for their fur to be a little longer. I will dig for older pictures though.  The thing is, is that I've had 4 removed as they are now retired.