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Hi Francine,
Hope all is well with you guys & dogs. Here are a few photos of Buddy and us at Christmas.    Melissa and her boyfriend went back to BC on Sunday AM and both are missing Buddy very much. It is amazing how attached people get. There are actually checking with the SPCA for a dog. Our household has been very busy over the holidays with lots of excitement and activities but, Buddy has been the most exciting part of our Christmas. Now we can get back to routine and schedules which will allow us to potty train Buddy. My cousin was over today and I'm sure he got a lot of TLC from her. Buddy is eating well, sleeping well and has adjusted tremendously. He has an awesome personality and fits right in to our family. We all look forward to coming home to see and play with him. Buddy weights 3 1/2 lbs but, I didn't weigh him when we brought him home. He seems very content and is wagging his tail a lot. Buddy has brought us much joy and happiness in such a short time. Will keep you updated.
Bye for now.

Petites nouvelles de Tilou. Petit morkie né le 21 février 2013 et accueilli dans notre famille le 8 mai 2013. Sa mère est Precious et son père Peppey​. Il est tellement affectueux et calme. Il ne jappe pas et est très gentil avec les enfants. Il aime jouer surtout avec un petit Yorkie du voisinage. Il aime se blottir contre nous et se faire cajoler. Nous sommes choyés de l`avoir avec nous. Encore une fois merci beaucoup.......

Added: Wed, 5th March, 2014
Bonsoir Francine,
Voici quelques photos de Tilou quand il a le poil long et le poil court. Il pese maintenant 5lbs Voir autres commentaires dans le guestbook.

Bonne soiree

Manon Brunet
Bonjour chère Francine
Moka deja 6 ans . Le temps passe tros vite .....
Comme promis voici quelques photos de Moka. J’espère que j’ai la bonne adresse de courriel.
Si tu reçois cet e-mail, réponds-moi, alors je saurai que tu as bien reçu les photos. Je pourrai alors t’en faire parvenir d’autres.
Nous étions heureux d’avoir de tes nouvelles. Encore une fois, nos meilleurs vœux de santé, bonheur, prospérité et de paix pour 2014 à toi et ta famille.
Au plaisir,

Réjean, Arnold et Moka
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Hello Francine,
I have been meaning to write to thank you for helping out with the vaccination information at the vet’s the week before last.
Daisy May was having her pre-op appointment and all vaccinations were addressed. She also had her Heartgard treatment. Thursday at which time we will schedule her spaying which likely be a week later. Being the “suckie” that I am, I am already nervous for her but we are taking all care for her to be well taken care of. The Vet’s office is only a block from out house and, as recommended, we have included the cost of intravenous fluids during the procedure to benefit her during and after surgery.
She is such a joy to us, I cannot tell you. I am including a couple of photos for you to enjoy. Cute or what!!! She charms all who meet her.
She loves to go for her walk…
Hi Francine,

Sorry it's taken me so long to update you on how Milo is doing.

He's doing great! We love him so much!!

He loves to swim with the kids and he loves my daughter. He's a great companion for us all. He sleeps with us in our bed at night and gives us kisses in the morning to wake us. He's trained to use the washroom outside....I trained him to tap the patio door when he wants to go out and to sit when I have a treat for him....sometimes if the pantry door is left open he helps himself. He's very friendly to all our guests and very protective if someone passes the house.

Milo has been a great addition to our family. Thank you so much for helping us find the perfect dog for us!
Hi Francine,

Just wanted to touch base with you to provide you with an update on the tiny cream pom you sold us in June 2012. She is absolutely adorable. Enclosed is a picture of her. She weights 3 pounds, and she is solid.

Maurice & Pauline 

Tess and Bamby 's little girl and she is the identical of grandma Cindy​​
Hi Maman Francine and Papa Pierre.
Here I am...resting with my Tigger - on the couch! And sitting near Mommy Peggy while she is working on her computer in the kitchen.
I really love it at my new home and do miss you. Mommy says that when we get rid of the snow, she is going to send you an email and ask if you and Papa will meet us at the Tim Horton's or McDonald's near you for a coffee so I can see you again.
Guess what! I pee'd like a boy for the first time today - outside, of course. I am doing very well with going outside to do my business - even though it has been quite cold. I've also been for walks - but we don't walk too far just yet though.
I am getting big - and I am developing quite a personality. I love to play - Daddy Allan buys me lots of toys and presents.

In a couple of weeks I go to the Vet's for neutering - Daddy says I will have the laser surgery. Mommy asked the vet to keep my testicles so she could have them bronzed (I'm sure she was kidding!).

Well, today is my two-month anniversary since we said good-bye and you sent me off to be a good boy for a new Mommy and Daddy. I'm pretty sure they love me as much as you do - I get lots of hugs and kisses.
We will see you soon...and Mom will send more pictures.
Biggest hugs from your favourite Spartacus!
This is Max (Morkie) , and Nena (Maltiepoo) , they were adopted together and are the best of friends.  The new parents of these two are simply an amazing family.  Mommy sais that since they've been spayed and neutered , that they have had no more accidents in the house and are even more snuggly then ever. I love this family and I only wish that all of my puppies gets families like this.  Forever loved and Forever home. xoxoxo
Hi Francine,

We took Miya home from you in April, and wanted to send you a few pictures from her first birthday celebration that we had last weekend.

Miya has become such a precious addition to our family. The first few months were tough learning how to train her, but now we can't imagine our lives without her! Thank you very much for bringing her into our lives; we're very lucky to have her.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!

Take care,

Hi Francine,

Kash in his new home. 

He sure looks comfortable in those blankets.

New mommy must of gave him his bath...

Thanks Kate for the new pics.
Hi Francine,
I hope you all are doing well.

Just thought I would send you an updated picture of Sasha. She went to the groomers for a puppy wash and to get her nails trimmed. She did really well. They put two bows in her hair but as soon as we got home she shook them off. I got this picture before they both came off.

She is such a sweet pup. She follows me everywhere.
x mas
Hello Francine,
Attached is our Christmas "family photo".  Our little girl turns 3 tomorrow!
My how time flies!!
She is the very best little puppy... so gentle and obedient and even  very
funny as she makes us laugh a lot.

​​Merry Christmas to you folks and all the best in 2017!
Hi Francine,

I hope all is well with you. 

My Sasha just turned 1 and I thought I would send you a couple updated pictures of her. 

We love her so much she is a joy to have around. So many people ask me about her breeder so I have refereed a few people to you. My friend Joy said she already got in contact with you.

Happy New Year!

This is little Toby, Bianca's new little boy maltiepoo and the runt.

She writes in a text:

Toby va super bien !!!!!   Il s'entend tres bien avec les autres animaux de la maison !  Mes parents et toute le reste de ma famille le trouve trop cute ! Il est clame mais commence a se degener pomale! ​​​​
Hi Francine
I thought you would like to know, piper is thriving.  She is eating and drinking well and already doing her business outside.  She has figured out how to do stairs and already comes when we call her.  When you pick her up she is a complete snuggle puppy, put her down and she is curious and quite, she does take offence at the occasional leaf and is fascinated by brooms.
Happy dog owner here!

Hi - here are some pics of Beau!  He is such a loving sweet puppy! He has fit into our family beautifully. 
One picture is Beau and his brother Buddy playing. They play everyday! 

Donna! ! ! ​​
Beau and Buddy are brothers and will always have play dates. Amazing!!!
Snowy had a long drive to his forever home , but he has the best new parents any puppy can ever hope to have. Look at all of that attention , just sitting while working and the perfect distraction and making a puppy so happy.
This is when Snowy decided to not let me work and to sit on my laptop instead
This is when we started watching dog training videos together

His little corner in my room, with his food and toys. We thought he should stay in our rooms till he is older
Day out in Brocksville waterfront: He ran a lot and made us run too, even me
The mighty king Spartykisses
Hello Maman Francine and Papa Pierre!
It has been a long time since I have been in touch with you.  I often think of you and all my family and friends at "The Castle".
It has been almost three years since I was adopted and moved away.  I am a beautiful boy with alot of personality.  My nickname is Spartykisses because I give lots of kisses and snuggles.  
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and sending kisses to all!
Your favourite Spartacus

Peggy & Allan McLean
Hello Francine,

We want to thank you for Bear ... he is a wonderful family addition.
Here’s our Christmas family picture... hope you like it
Of course you can put it in your brag page!
He is still a smoocher and he loves to hug  
He’s a joy to be with 
Thanks again 

Mary Ann & Family 
hello, here's a cookie that we adopted at home. now she is 1 year old and she is very affectionate and active. on your site, we can see her when she was little. thank you
Johannie et Jason Kruse
Hi! We got our Maltipoo Lily from you back in April 2015, just wanted to share some pics of her with you. She was the best decision we ever made and has brightened all our lives so much!

Good evening Francine,
I just want to touch base a few weeks after getting my puppy from you. She is doing great, my dad and sister are in love with her. Her name is mochi. She’s already potty trained and doesn’t need the pee pad anymore. She also knows a few tricks now like sit, lay down and crawl. She still loves giving kisses and being cuddled up in our arms. I’m including a couple pics for you.
Have a great day :)
I hope you and your husband are well. I met you this summer when I came up to purchase a puppy for my mom, Kelly. I ended up taking home an adorable girl, "Pinky". She's been such a sweet ray of sunshine.